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M1 helmets Cork Vs Sand

Article about: i was always told cork for ww2

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    i was always told cork for ww2

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    When did they begin using sand? Wondering about repainted WWII period ones, Ray

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    All ww2 produced shells were corked all postwar from 1951 onwards were silca-sand.

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    I wonder if sand was ever used during WWII? Ive seen some US M1917A1 helmets with a sand finish, but that could be left over from WWI

    it was real sand, not silca

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    When you think in the mid 1930's many differant textures were being trialed including sawdust,always wondered who actually came up with the cork idea,as only sand and sawdust had been used until then.

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    I haven't re-read this post lately since I posted my question earlier on when sand was used but I forgot to add one way you might be able to tell if the finish is cork is use your finger nail to push down on a large grain. If it's cork it will push in a bit where sand won't. Ray

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