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M1? I think?

Article about: I was at the flea market this morning and happened to walk by this a couple times and didnt even give it a whirl. Rear seam and the liner was suspicious but the nice old man said 10 bucks so

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    Quote by 37Webbing View Post
    Hmm, I am thinking post war Norwegian.
    norwegian and the helmet net too. +1 form me too 37webbing

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    Yes, Geelong's right. I was too hasty. Norwegian M58 and Danish M48s are very closely related. The net is Norwegian, not Danish and the shell seems to have a particular shade of green used by Norway (they also used a darker shade that seems - to me - the same as a shade used by Denmark - although Denmark also used a lighter green but it's different to the Norwegian lighter green!). However, the liner is Danish - Danish made, anyway. The only difference between it and M48 liners is that the Norwegian issue one should have a black ink stamp on the webbing identifying it as army, navy or airforce (in Norwegian, of course). This can be quite faint, so look carefully. Unfortunately, on the surplus market Danish and Norwegian parts get muddled up sometimes! I think you have got a definite Norwegian shell and net, you just need to check the liner for the stamp. Even if there isn't one it may still be Norwegian issue - just one that didn't get a stamp. Have a look at the Norwegian section on the link I gave you. Best Regards,

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    Norwegian and Danish M1 clones get mixed up all the time, since there is no difference really.

    - Both countries used surplus M1 shells and / or Austrian and German clones.

    - Both countries used DKI liners, Norwegian liners are for the most part stamped as according to the previous post by JBR.

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