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M1 liner

Article about: Hello guys, Way off my field here, but are this liner WW2? It's all i have Regards, Lars

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    Good link Nick....used to own one of these right at the start felt great coming home from the boot fair only to realize some time later that infact my first M1 dream was shattered by a Euroclone jobby so i took the right coarse of action by helping the local land fill site grow a tad,hehe.....Jake.

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    Thanks Nick It actually helped a lot, even my French is not that good. The lids we used in the early 90's must be the '73 model according to the CS. The CF lids were made and distributed in 1950-51. Cool brother! Woder why this info is on French site, as the info there is quite thorough.

    Thanks a lot Lars

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    Great site, Nick I wish my french would be better.

    Im actually a bit suprised that the liners were danish made, and even more suprised to find out that they also manufactured the norwegian m1 liners.

    btw the company still exist.

    It seems that the shells were US surplus at the beginning (the fixed bale examples?) and later euro clones from Germany and Austria.

    @Lars, here is the same info in a shorter english version:

    Military equipment of the 20th century: marts 2010

    Cheers, Mads

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    you can run the site through Google translate to view it in English.

    Google Translate

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