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m1 liner dating

Article about: i have a type 1 m1 helmet liner (detachable webbing). bought it at a military show there were 2 with the same sticker. anyways i bought it and im a bit confused with the sticker in it. some

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    Default m1 liner dating

    i have a type 1 m1 helmet liner (detachable webbing). bought it at a military show there were 2 with the same sticker. anyways i bought it and im a bit confused with the sticker in it. some people have told me that the 73 mark is the manufacturing date and some say the 74 is the manufacture date. you can see the 2 numbers dont match up in ANY way not the month or year. i took a look at my 1967 type 2 liner which if you know your codes should have the same number style but in this case the type 2 liner numbers match saying "31MAY67 DSA-100-67-C-4525" so is the type 1 sticker a manufacturing defect?m1 liner dating

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    m1 liner dating
    as you can see May 1967 all the way across

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    Very good question and one thats not easy to answer,according to production data all DSA contracts issued during the 1960's seem to correspond to the contract date which is stamped on the liner webbing,however for some reason many DSA contracts issued in the 1970's seem to be a year out on the contract date affixed to the liner,whether its because there were less volume of liners being produced,what i can tell you is the date on the label in this case is a Firestone orangeglow liner was first contracted on the 7 sept 1973 and more were probably to follow leading into 1974 which is most likely when the total number of contracts were finalized,this is the second contract issued to Firestone in 1972,also the same rule of thumb applied to there non-removeable webbed liner also a 72 production model,other contracts which followed shortly afterwards with Marmac and Consolidated molded plastics also had a differance of DSA dating and date stamping on the liner label,hope this has helped even if only a little.....

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    so firestone? what about the famous firestone F? ive seen ww2 - 1980's firestone liners and all have the firestone f in one form or an other this one does not. all it has in the crown is M 21m1 liner dating

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    Marmac shared contracts with Firestone,same DSA etc..........
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    Quote by ruddersrangers44 View Post
    Ok I wasn't awake yesterday,right in 1972 and in 1973 both Firestone and Marmac recieved identical dated contracts in the production of the orange glow type liner with removable/non-removable webbing,I said Firestone as thats the one listed in my book,however on closer inspection Marmac was listed below without the DSA date etc,but yours is a Marmac Industries produced liner. the DATE on the sticker was when contracts were first issued 7 sept 1973..... the DSA-100-74 is a Fiscal year date (meaning the final contracts were agreed and signed after july of that year)this Fiscal rule applied to every contract agreed/signed/finalised after july in any given year through the 60's/70's and so on.........
    and i assume Marmac had a contract in 67? my type 2 liner that is pictured above has what appears to be M 15 and they both look and feel identical in texture and paint/fiber color

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    The M stands for Marmac industries...........
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    well since you know quite a bit about m1 liners post 1964. could you tell me who made the yellowish type 1 liner i have from 84 with the makers mark id describe as the mercedes- benz emblem?

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    nevermind... cmp

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    what book is this from out of curiosity?

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