im looking for makers of all liners and types of liners they made. the infantry type liner or paratrooper liners and they years of manufacturing. obviously we all know the ww2 producers which are listed below. but if anyone can give definitive dates to the start and end of their contracts then that would be great now im also looking for the 1950's makers (including the rewebbed double stamped liners) and going all the way into the 1980's

Hawley - infantry 1941-1942, paratrooper 1942
General Fiber - infantry 1942
Saint Clair - infantry 1942-1943, paratrooper 1942
Hood Rubber - infantry 1943
Westinghouse - infantry 1942-1945, paratrooper 1944-1945
Mine Safety Appliances - infantry 1942-1945
Inland - infantry 1942-1945, paratrooper 1943
International Molded Plastics - infantry 1942-1945
Seaman Paper Co. - infantry 1942-1945
Capac - infantry 1942-1945
Firestone - infantry 1942-1945

Marmac - infantry and para 1960's - 1970's
firestone - infantry 1960's - 1970's

CMP - 1980's

Please if you have any info then help with this list

m1 liner makers 1941-1985m1 liner makers 1941-1985m1 liner makers 1941-1985