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M1, Navy? ww2?

Article about: Hi friends, this one is listed on ebay: Would it be a navy lid? and is the liner correct (there's no hole on the front)? And is it ww2 period? (the inside of the liner looks good to me, but

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    The helmet has been coated with a rust-encourager, which has worked well. There are discussions of how best to remove rust on the USMF, and some have had marvelous results. If it's a front-seam, it's WW2 vintage. If not, it can be hard to tell - though the Navy used the same helmets for decades.
    The liner has the OD3 khaki webbing indicative of WW2 but has a Vietnam era sweatband (darker OD7 green). The paint and decals indicate that the liner lived a long life through the 1960s at least.

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    i have seen that same picture of that liner somewhere before.
    I think it may be coming up on a military auction in Iowa in Feb. If I find it again I will let you know.
    Where is this guy from that is listing it on e-bay???

    Just thought I would warn you of this.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

    @John, the seller was "guildbrosantiques" from New York State.

    Cheers, Mads

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