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Is this m1 real

Article about: lol, i was the same same too, its a bit like love making bud take your time and you will get the results, I may put some pictures up step by step, the helmet that is.

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    Default Is this m1 real

    Hey guys, ive got dibs on this from France the guy says its original but been painted, it appears to be front seam and fixed bale thats all i can really tell, i does state it had a patch repair in the middle too, any thoughts all help as always is welcome and thanked in advance,
    ps he is asking 30 so if genuine would be a decent price, needs liner straps etc but a good project.
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    No, far from it the helmet may be real the shell bit the pain is all fresh looks like they painted over top of rust

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    Hi thanks, thats where the hole was, it was patched repaired badly as you can see, i do have time on my hands to fully strip repair correctly its the originality of the shell i am after, under all that crappy paint .

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    No, fake captain bars, fake paint, maybe original shell, but not a good purchase (at least for me)...

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    Thanks i do state and know the paint is false, the owner has said that, its the shell i am interested in, if the shell is original then this will be an ideal summer project for me i dont mind getting my hands dirty.

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    Then it could worth it for you, i think it's an fixed bail, front seam that looks original for me (but i'm far from an expert! let's see what others say)

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    Thanks, nothing like saving a piece of history for others to enjoy years down the line. looking at the shape of the bale it maybe a
    Schlueter, however i will wait for the experts to confirm.

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    Hi Steve, Other than the issues you have already stated it looks like a good original M1 and if the repair does not bother you it is well worth 30 IMO. Cheers, Sean.

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    Cheers bud, thats what i need to hear, repairs are not that difficult really, but i guess the person who tried to repair it was somewhat impatient bless, i will take this baby right back, if think sometimes buying a mint example is to easy and expensive.

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    Hi Steve, Yeah that person would be like me, That's the sort of repair I would end up doing hence why I wouldn't try lol. But as said I don't think you can go wrong for 30 especially if like you say your willing to put the hours in to restore it! I would love to see it when your finished! Cheers, Sean.

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