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M1 Schuleter refurb

Article about: hi steve its looking real nice and to think how it first looked is an amazing transformation ,well done sir

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    So just just about there now folks, i got an MSA liner with broken strap (united carr) i decided to use both of these with the shell, a trip to the cobbler and £4.50 was handed to him for repair, pics show strap broken then fitted, once i source a period sweatband job done. I was not sure how to display it so ive ordered a replica m1 Garand made by Denix to
    sit with it. ps, i have no idea what that is growing on the chair
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0130.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Picked up the Garand, will get some shots with the lid.

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    looking forward to it steve ive often thought of doing the same type of resto to my McCord m1 relic Click image for larger version. 

Name:	027.jpg 
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Name:	032.jpg 
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    That looks fine as it is bud, if you look at page one it will remind you how i got it, to be fair its not hard and quite pleasing to do.

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    Nice job done by the cobbler steve,your a lucky guy being able to own a Denixchinstrap looks great on the lid,so well worth the £4.50 i reckon,nice display James................
    With Regards Jake.

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    Cheers Jake, once i find the sweatband thats it, i will move to my next one, 1943 front seam swivel bale (dimpled) McCord, for this i want to do an airbourne look, net, decal, the works.

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    Looking very good buddy,it's really taking shape very well.

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    Cheers bro, enjoyed doing it, learned alot for my next one.

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    Just realized steve the liner was re-webbed,did you use original webbing or repro?how did you find re-fitting the A washer rivets,some say you need the patience of a saint...........
    With Regards Jake.

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    The MSA? looks original to me, not the best of pictures really.

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