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M1 Schuleter refurb

Article about: hi steve its looking real nice and to think how it first looked is an amazing transformation ,well done sir

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    Thanks Sean, i will send a PM for some advice, ive found three repro`s not what i really wanted but if they do the job,
    M1 Schuleter refurb
    M1 Schuleter refurb
    M1 Schuleter refurb
    first one is described as od3?
    last one sellers quotes "ideal for early fixed bale M1"

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    Steve too be honest none of the repro's are that great,but then again there not meant to fool anybody,financially its not worth purchasing an original set as this would outway the cost of the shell itself,my heart goes out to you,i've been down this road and well lets say you have more patience than me,the bartacking is difficult at best being that the webbing is folded and sewing through 3 layers just eats needles,are you ageing the whole Helmet?if so i would purchase the webbing seperately and hardware that way the metal can be aged prior to being attached to the webbing,its a difficult choice go for cheap straps that look cheap or buy original which are extremely costly,p.s the OD3 straps look like creme not olive drab,get either the raised brass buckle or flat black painted steel buckle types.good luck........

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    Thanks Jake, maybe seperate webbing and hardware is the way forward as i do wish to age it, i always knew it would be long and difficult project but i have enjoyed doing it, as for the bartacking i have a cobbler (shoe repairs) right around the corner here he may be able to help, or a new dress for the wife, were the early straps olive drab.

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    Yes steve olive drab shade no3 which lightened during service life to a khaki/tan colour/olive drab shade no 7 arrived in 1944 replacing all field gear from round the autumn of 44.including chinstraps/back packs/belts etc.......

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    Olive drab 7, described as new old stock, could do the job.

    M1 Schuleter refurb
    M1 Schuleter refurb
    M1 Schuleter refurb

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    If these are indeed original and at a good price,these will be ok, i know the shade is differant but beggers cant be choosers..........

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    Cheers Jake, £21, they are on the way, description

    Offered here is an original & genuine WW2 M1 replacement Helmet Chin Strap.

    The M1 chin strap set is brand new (NOS - New Old Stock) - these were WW2 replacement straps for the M1, and would have been issued as pictured (unstiched) and sewn onto the D bales of an M1 helmet that needed new straps (sewn by the soldier or a field rigger). The set features:

    J Hook - Brass
    Chin Strap Buckle - Brass
    Adjustment Slide - Brass
    Chin Strap Material - 11 row 3 yarn, Olive Drab # 7 Cotton
    Manufacture date - Late 1943 to 1945 (estimate based on components)
    Stitch by J-Hook - Original

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    Sorted then stevenice one indeed............

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    Thanks for your help bud, once i get those tacked up and age the pot a little then maybe a net and decal, that is a tough one.
    soon be time for the liner.

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    So guys the straps have arrived and i need to pick on your brains again please, pretty much the folds is there a guide or info as to what length etc, looks like i am going to have stitch them, what type of thread ?
    thanks in advance

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