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M1 - Swiwel Bale, back seam shell. MSA liner

Article about: Thanks guys, I can get an original wwII era shell swiwel bale back seam with heat stamp incl chinstrap for \\$50, would that be a fair price? I guess that shell would be historical correct for

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    Default M1 - Swiwel Bale,rear seam shell. MSA liner

    Hi guys,

    I've just picked up a M1, but I need some help to ID it.

    The liner is a MSA. From what I could find searching on the net, they stopped production in August 1945, however the liner comfiguration looks a bit like Korea war era.

    The shell is a swiwel bale, rear seam, unfortunately I cant find any heat stamp. Chinstrap buckle is brass with OD paint almost all chipped off and the prongs are a bit broken as well.

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    Any help is highly appreciated

    Cheers, Mads
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    Euro-clone shell looks like an early type Danish M48 or French otan 51 either way not US produced.liner looks in great shape.............Jake.
    With Regards Jake.

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    Jake, I've already got a Danish M48, the paint has a different colour on that one. And the chinstrap looks different. Would the liner be WWII era?

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    MSA liner is late war type from june 44 onwards with blackened brass A type washers and complete and in nice condition too,hope you didn't pay too much for this rig?.........Jake.
    With Regards Jake.

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    I've paid $50 for the complete helmet, dont know if that's too much though.

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    Thats ok,about 35 British sterling,the liner is worth more than that on its own so not a bad deal,you have done ok on that one.............Jake.
    With Regards Jake.

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    Agree. US liner - Clone shell.
    Nice MSA liner worth $45-$50 USD.
    If the leather chin strap has a green buckle, that can be worth $100 by itself.
    If not probably worth $15 (just the leather chin strap because they always break at some point).

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    Thanks for feedback.

    The buckle on the leather chin strap is blackish unfortunately not green.

    Just curious what gives the shell away as a Euro clone?

    Cheers, Mads

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    The 3 grey rivets on the short chinstrap is usually seen with m48 shells,also the bale is the wrong shape too,also there should be a number stamped into the rim at the rear next to the seam..............Jake
    With Regards Jake.

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    The chin straps on US Made helmets were sewn on during WWII.
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