Markings on M1 FBMarkings on M1 FB

Greetings from Oz,

New to the forum and was hoping someone could shed some light on the origins of the markings on my M1 fixed bale. It is a McCord with a Capac liner and appears to have green a washers. There is a laundry mark on the sweat band S-1321. I have been told it is a little difficult to research the laundry mark? The front of the liner has the Tech 5 rank stenciled on. The liner and pot appear to have been together for a long time. The sweat band and nape strap are marked (W199 QM 38108 Gem Dandy Inc). The stripe looks to be hand painted rather than stenciled and shows wear and rubbing around the top of the pot, where the paint and corking on the pot has been worn smooth. Any help would be much appreciated.