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MP M-1 helmet ?

Article about: hi guys this is my latest buy off eBay its a 60's+ era MP M-1 the white finish is a gloss finish that's now turned an off white yellowish with age the liner as you see is a FIRESTONE make &a

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    Quote by 1stCTHeavyArtillery View Post
    I like the look but I'm not 100% sure it's official paint. The helmet (Nam era) & WWII liner (with interior upgrades) are great and I'd have bought it even with the over-paint.

    There's a lot of variations out there but the MP looks a bit small- they usually screamed "MP" in huge lettering and there were stripes involved going left and right of the MP lettering.
    I'd have just bought it as a over-painted lid, not MP.

    I do love US helmets though so if you bought it cheap enough that's great- enjoy it!
    its been confirmed by a collector/veteran on another forum as being the type of MP helmet he's seen used during his time in the military the liner is an early 60's version not WW2 but it is made in the same way.

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    Well there are a lot of versions out there like I had said- I've had a few MP lids in my hands and have not seen such a small version logo. You are correct on the liner, I do not see the iconic bullet hole on the front forehead area, I looked closer on the front pick but the first time I had thought it hidden by paint.

    They are quite faked over here Stateside as anyone with a stencil and a brush/spray paint now has a WWII MP lid.

    Such is life

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