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My almost relic M1

Article about: I bought this helmet for \\$20.00 US. I almost walked away from it but it talked to me and said bring me home . My wife just looked at me and rolled her eyes. Any thoughts on what the three do

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    looks a great bargain rgds Dave

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    Just throwing this out there...the 13...

    Filthy 13...???

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    Default Re: My almost relic M1

    A neat helmet, RH1941, and not bad at all
    for $20.00 !



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    Guy's thanks for the nice comments. Satans CabanaBoy ther is some writing above the 13 but time and mother nature have left their mark on the helmet.

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    Very nice helmet and wow... what a deal! My wife loves my helmet collecting, she figures that it's an easy trade-off compared to me having a midlife crisis complete with sports car and gold chains! She even gave me an entire room to display them in along with a huge glass display case to show them off in. she even looks for lids for me at antique malls, flea markets, estate sale etc... I'm getting off topic, did I say nice helmet!?!?

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    Bugme for you to say very nice helmet means alot after seeing your awsome collection . I have my own room for my collection that my wife calls the" Man Cave". All joking aside she has found some nice pieces for me in her travels Gary

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