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My old M1

Article about: hey guys i posted this a few weeks ago but no one replied im not bothered or anything was just wondering if someone could tell me anything about the heatstamp and what era paint job it looks

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    Quote by Franz1944 View Post
    I would vote for Veitnam reissue, i have a similar one i bought couple years back. It WWII production... I cant tell you much about heat stamp. The A throwing me off.
    I agree, there is something not quite right with that number. Have you tried looking at it with different light sources, maybe shone a torch on it from the side, or turn and tilt the helmet in daylight to view it from different angles? Also, try rubbing it with chalk and see if that brings out some more detail?
    I have no problem with the colour being late WW2 or Korean era, there are many variations in the shade of green due to the weathering effects from the varied type of climate in which they were used.

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,


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    It doesn't matter how many times i look at that heat stamp it just don't get this one at all,it certainly looks like a "3"on the end but i've never known any shell to not end with a letter on any ww2 vintage produced could be a badly stamped "B" certainly not an "S" so im stumped on it at least we know its a front seamed ww2 vintage other than that just enjoy it.regards Dave.

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    hey guys thanks for the replys ,yep im gonna get a ww2 liner for it sometime .anyway regarding the heat stamp im 100 percent positive its 37a3 but its dont like this .

    "37A 3 " the last 3 is spaced out quiet far from the rest its a bit odd .cheers

    getting a p55 liner for it today by the way nick .cheers

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    just wondering perhaps theres a chance they stamped it wrong ? maybe it was either suppose to be 37A and the 3 is a mistake or its suppose to be 373A and again made a mistake in the order ? cheers

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