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My pair of Vietnam era M1 helmets and liners

Article about: Hi all Annoyed from this ads?   I'm still sorting through my helmet collection out of storage, I have here my two Vietnam era M1 helmet sets... on infantry and one M1-C...

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    What is it you need to know about the cover?...............

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    Yup I know what you mean about the chinstrap mount locking tabs!!! when I took off the old miss-matched badly worn originals from the infantry one.... I really teased them off as carefully as I could... but they would probably break if I ever tried to refit them!!! I still kept them tho... and the old suspension web relics.. and even the rock hard sweatband all.. dated mind!!!
    I really should get professional help!!!! I really cant throw anything away!!! no matter how tired and ruined !!!

    The second pic in the link I sent in an earlier post... do you have an idea what the ink printed mark on the woodland pattern cover is???

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    No sorry never one before,some useless info but the cover isn't known as "woodland" they were used from 1982-198?its called an ERDL cover first contracted in 1969 and then from 1976 through to 1981,sorry I couldn't be of more help with the ink stamp.............

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    No probs Jake thank's for all your help anyway...will have to brush-up on my camo id's .....with any luck someone will know what it is!!
    it's just that I'm sure I've seen it on one of someone else's posts on here recently........somewhere!!
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