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nam helmet help

Article about: cheers MM this is the part of collecting i love ,the research part and with good help from great friends im sure in time all will be revealed

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    Default nam helmet help

    hi ive owned this vietnam m1c for a while now but under the mitchell cover was the remenants of some sort of insignia the korean war period m1 shell has been re painted once as i can see sand texture paint underneath in places what im after is any thoughts on what the emblem might of been why it was removed ill never know all i can say is what is left of the emblem is it was roughly square in shape and was painted in silver paint any ideas guys regards james nam helmet   helpnam helmet   helpnam helmet   help

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    Captains bars?

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    Quote by douglas2496 View Post
    Captains bars?
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    The markings look horizontal to me..not vertical like captains bars.

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    many thanks guys on your thoughts i too thought captain bars but were they ever painted in silver ? and yes nca i can see a silver mark in the center top of the square im still baffled

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    Hi james whats the heat lot number?just curious mate,regards minnie.

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    good evening MM and thanks for having a look pal any clues on the insignia and yes the heat stamp is M -172A cheers james

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    Looking at the pics james very hard to say when as well as what?the insignia is on the repaint not the original coat,wouldn't have thought a 51-53 made shell would need a repaint that soon,and after 62 mitchells were always worn with cloth or metal rank attached to it so time frame most likely 54-62,could be a training emblem of sorts,other than that can't really be of much more help im afraid,sorry dude regards minnie.

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    thanks for your spin on things MM food for thought you are completely right the insignia is on the repaint ,what has caused it to rub away and the identity of the emblem is still beyond me thanks again james

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    Dont dwell on it for too long,there are and always will be many un-answered questions my friend kinda fill in the blanks so to speak take it easy as per usual minnie.

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