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New WW2 ebay M1

Article about: Just won this beauty off of ebay. Seller had a bad title so not many found it. Had it listed as "wii army frount seem helmet". In actuality, it is a front seam fixed bail Navy M1 w

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    Usually the buy it now with the reserve will scare people off, I just have up with the make an offer. Although I just got outbid on the helmet I was selling this for so I guess there's no immediate need to sell it. I had about 21 watchers or so at the end. eBay is a strange place.

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    Isnt $725 kind of high?
    It is only a Lt. helmet with what appears to be post war repaint.
    You can get a FB with Hawley liner for $500.
    Original World War 2 Navy Lieutenant Helmet Fixed Bail Front Seam Make OFFER | eBay

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    Post war paint? Not in my opinion. And navy helmets are hard to come by... And I'm not dying to sell it, so it's my "I don't wanna part with it price" just to see if it stirred up interest.

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    Well in that case you have it at the right "I dont wanna sell it" price.
    More I look at it the paint is the Navy paint over the original OD.
    Not post war.

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    Pieces of the blue have chipped off and the world war 2 od color is there. I just believe the paint is original. And the liner has the same red paint on it with rust actually over it. I just strongly believe its real. I'd be willing to shake out a deal with someone if they are really interested but I've only had it for a few weeks and like I said am not dying to lose it.

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    I am not saying it is not original (upon quick look I thought it was a repaint but I took a better look).
    I am just saying IMHO the price is way too high.
    Navy lids are not that hard to come by.
    It has the insignia which obviously brings up the value.
    I didnt pay that much though for a Captains lid with the metal insignia welded on.
    I dont know why you would spend money in listing fees just to test the waters.
    I think $300 is more in the ballpark.

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    Something like this would get the kind of price you are looking for:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture New WW2 ebay M1  

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    Default Re: New WW2 ebay M1

    I knew I wouldn't get the $725. I just once put something I wasn't ready to part with before on eBay to see if it attracted interests and someone actually went with the buy it now (which was a reasonable price) so I just didn't want to make that mistake again. I turned on the make an offer, but like I said I'd love to keep it in the collection. I doubt I'll relist it once the auction ends again.

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    Default Re: New WW2 ebay M1

    Have fun.
    Maybe some sap will give you your BIN price.

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    Default Re: New WW2 ebay M1

    This week was free listing fees by the way, so I had a blast

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