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Opinion Vietnam era M1C helmet.

Article about: Hi Opex. Haha typical! I look forward to seeing it, I love these helmets! Regards. Sean.

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    Smile Opinion Vietnam era M1C helmet.

    Hi Guys! Been a while since my last post but hope you can give me your opinions on this helmet and quickly if possible because I need to decide if its staying or going! I bought it of ebay last week and has just arrived today a Vietnam war era US Paratrooper M1C jump helmet. I paid 80 incl p&p which I think was a good price. It is mostly as described in the original listing and is in lovely condition overall but the guy did not mention anything about part of one of the rivets that holds the A yokes on is missing and it looks to me like it might come away which is a big worry. I have attached a few pics including one were you can see were part of the rivet is missing. I dont know wether to return it or keep it. Maybe even possible to have the rivet replaced? Or maybe is it just something I should put up with? As these are getting harder to find? As always on this great forum all replys are greatly appreciated! Regards Sean.

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    Loose it Sean you have been robbed mate,thats a SPP liner (speciality plastic products) contract dated 1983 or 1986 either way not nam also sweatband dated 1986,and the mitchell is a training cover not a combat cover,lot of money for something made over a decade after vietnam im afraid...........Jake.

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    Hi Rudders! Thanks for your reply, I think I can make out a 75 in the dome of the liner and some sort of makers mark would it still be post war? What indicates the date on the liner band? Sorry I am not as sure about later M1's but thought this one looked legit. Regards. Sean.

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    the 75 is the mold stamp nothing to do with the year,the date is on the webbing where the sweatband is connected below where the A frame has come undone you unclip the sweatband to see the date it will read DSA-100-83 or 86 I bet,sorry for the bad news.............Jake.

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    I see were you mean but the print has faded far too much for me to see properly. Gutted! Thanks rudders! Will get this returned my hunt for a vietnam era M1C continues! I wouldnt mind so much last year I saw one at a local show in almost mint condition for 100 and typically my luck I couldnt find a cash point anywere to get the money for it and ever since I have felt cursed haha cant get my hands on a decent one! Regards. Sean.

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    Too add.... Never knew they still made para helmets/liners in the 80's! You learn something new everyday! I was considering maybe asking the guy for just some of the money back and keeping the helmet or is it just junk? Regards. Sean.

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    Well its not junkstill part of US history,also it should of had the padded neck support at the back where the nape sits as these were issued from 1975 onwards,its entirely up to you Sean,look on US ebay and swallow the shipping at least there you wil get a genuine one but please post pics in order for me to help...............Jake.

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    Thanks Jake appreciate it! Would it be worth trying to get that rivet replaced if I keep it or leave as is?

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    I also got stung on one of these post-war models a few years ago, I bought it in good faith like yourself, but I still have it ,as it is a great example of the evolution and ultimately the last model of the US Paratrooper M1 , I think mine from memory is dated 1978 and made by Firestone, I would have to check that though??

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    sean forgot to ask what the heat stamp is?also any pics of the chin straps please...............Jake.Opex would like to see your M1C please if possible.sean if you want to replace it thats down to you however you dont see many A frame rivots for sale usually only the A washer type.if you can then repair it for future referance.

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