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Opinions please.

Article about: Hello chaps, spotted this shell for sale but the seller hasn't responded to any of my enquiries yet so there are just these four photo's. The sewn-on chinstraps indicate WW2 to me but as you

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    Default Opinions please.

    Hello chaps,

    spotted this shell for sale but the seller hasn't responded to any of my enquiries yet so there are just these four photo's. The sewn-on chinstraps indicate WW2 to me but as you can see they are tied around the rear of the shell so I have no idea of the state of the buckle. I'm sure the liner is 60's or 70's but I'm convinced I can just see a front seam there.

    Opinions please.Opinions please.Opinions please.Opinions please.

    Any thoughts on it's age and colour etc?



    Seller has replied with a few more snaps.

    Opinions please.Opinions please.Opinions please.

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    im watching this one my self the shell is WW2 but yes the liner is post war 60's era, the chin strap looks to be late WW2 & i can see a lot of fraying around the buckle end so not sure in what condition its in.

    thanks for the picture update the chin strap is late to post war use but still good.

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    Oh no we'll be competing against each other! I've had a late war fully-restored liner waiting for 'daddy' for nearly a year now. Does it look to you like there is a hole near the bale in one of the photo's?

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    dont worry mate im only watching it now i know your after it i wont fight ya for it

    yeah i see that could indicated it may have been a fixed loop version that's been converted/upgraded to the swivel version but would only be sure of that by the heat stamp number.

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    Hi Nick,

    I'm only joking mate if you've got your eye on it I can wait. I was looking for one with tan straps actually for purely aesthetic reasons and the fact that you think the chin-straps could possibly be post-war also puts me off a bit. I don't know, I may ask the seller to get a pic of the heat-stamp number. Have you seen the other shell on e-bay that was originally listed as an M51 with what appears to be fixed-bails?

    American M1 helmet shell, pre 1943 Good original condition and finish | eBay

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    no worries mate like i said i am only watching it out of interest in how much i goes for to keep a rough guide of prices, the type of chin strap it has can be associated with both late & post war use. as for the other one you've also seen that on im also watching & will possibly have a punt at before it ends but i do have a bid on a different M-1 at the mo so i'll see how that goes before putting my money else were.

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    It has been repainted for Vietnam era use (lime or apple green).
    The liner is Vietnam era with what appears to be a post VN era nape.
    I would not put a WWII liner with it since it was repainted - it would no longer be correct.
    I would get a 65-69 Mitchell cover for it and then you would have a nice VN rig.

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    well i don't know what happened to that one but it was at 23 & then it was ended early so someone must have offered a decent chunk of change to end the auction as for the fixed loop shell i lost out on that one as someone really wanted it more than i did as it sold for 148 a little rich for my blood for a shell only

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    I think its time for a temporary change of direction with regards to collecting M1'S there just going for stupid money at the moment,basic vietnam M1 for 80 plus and that fixed bale Nick was watching for how much.people will change direction eventually and the price will fall.until then im staying well clear..........Jake.

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    Default Re: Opinions please.

    i see that NAM one as well did you also see the NAM airborne lid from the same seller it sold for 200 so glad i got a couple of good NAM airborne lids before all this madness

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