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opinions please on this

Article about: this is the copy of the advert wording Original WWII WW2 US M-1 Front Seam Helmet, Fixed bale, with Liner Vintage Collectible This is an original WW2 U.S. M-1 McCord brand "465" fr

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    Default opinions please on this

    what do the folks think of this, this is a venture new to me i am just getting my head around TR helmets so know nothing much on these.
    the helmet has a stamping of 465 at the front inside the liner is stamped F30 (Firestone) it is a fixed bale with the seam at the front, it has a more pronounced dip at the front, McCord? What i don't understand is that it has rivits to the straps rather than sewn??
    opinions please on thisopinions please on thisopinions please on thisopinions please on thisopinions please on this
    Attached Images Attached Images opinions please on this 

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    Pics are kinda small to see much detail. Definitely a repaint.
    Belgian M1 ?


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    Hello Magneto,

    It is hard to tell on these tiny pics. The riveted chinstraps are of the Euro (Danish or French) style. Chinstrap buckle also appears to be clone or at least post war. The nape strap and sweat band also look wrong for US issue. As far as I know, no clone style ever used fixed bales and the stamp number appears ok for early US M1, so it's possible this is a post-war European refurbished US WWII helmet. I use the word 'appears' a lot as it's just very hard to tell on these small pics. I must agree that the liner looks to be an early Belgium issue.

    Kind regards,
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    opinions please on thisopinions please on thisopinions please on thisopinions please on thisopinions please on thisThanks guys. Don't know how the pics came out small will take some more later as at work now

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    Thanks these pics are better.

    I am a bit confused on this one. I am sure another more experienced member will get to the bottom of this for you. A pic of the liner stamp would be helpful if possible.

    It would seem that the shell is an early US (pre-Sept 43) fixed bale, with postwar European brass riveted chinstraps. The paint is not original. The liner looks to be an early green riveted (and possible un-issued) US example with a European issue nape strap and sweat band. The hardware on the chinstraps seem to have more age wear and tear than the liner hardware, so it's possible that this helmet was issued in a NATO country with a completely different liner in the 1950's and has since been put together as we see now.

    I'll be very interested in other ideas regarding this strange configuration.

    Kind regards,

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    Where to begin!!!!!!both shell and liner are of 1943 production however looking at the liner the webbing is like new which is not impossible as i have seen many un-issued minty type liners,but if these were a pair why the need for a repaint on the shell?also if totally original why have the chinstraps been replaced,also strange how a postwar sweatband and nape have been added?for me not one i would want on the shelf,wait for a nice used salty lid to appear at least it will be completely original and have that look of 70 years young.............

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    Although not too uncommon, an unissued early WWII liner is still a nice thing to have

    Those chinstraps are horrible on a US WWII shell

    Kind regards,

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    Oh well its to late now as I bought it it arrived yesterday. Did some looking around the web last night and found this

    Discussion on riveted chinstraps - STEEL AND KEVLAR HELMETS - U.S. Militaria Forum,

    very very confusing, the colour itself is a bit darker in the hand and is the same as the liner which to be honest is in amazing condition. It was descibed as a genuine WW2 m1 helmet, feb 43 do you all think i should send it back? stands me at just under 120, i can take more pics if anyone needs em.
    thanks again Bob.
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    Tough one to call Bob it really depends on your eye and the way you like something to look,presuming the liner has its original olive drab paint?then its worth close to $100 however the shell without its original configuration chinstraps and its repaint just kills it,I can't decide for you but I know what I would do,best of luck either way.............

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    Quote by magneto View Post
    Oh well its to late now as I bought it it arrived yesterday. Did some looking around the web last night and found this
    I personally would send it back. It's always better to have it in your hand to pass any judgement on such things but some things on this are a little off. First the chinstraps: If the chinstraps are of US origin; the strap buckle and hook is post 1945 thus making a possible WWII field repair on original chinstraps very unlikely. The liner is in great nick but acquiring matching unissued original nape and sweat band will cost a few quid. The shell is also in great condition, but appears to have been repainted at some time, also affecting collecting value. Not sure about value in UK. I am not sure how it was advertised and I know prices in the US tend to be a tad less than in Australia, but I would expect a fixed bale with correct accoutrements for that price. This is just my opinion.

    Best wishes,

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