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Original WW2 Helmet?

Article about: \\$65 is a bit pricy for what this helmet is, but read up, study some threads on M1 helmets here on the forums, and you will have much better luck next time.

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    sorry kiddo, but its post ww2, if your lucky it will be a korean war liner, with possibly korean war shell or early NAM

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    Either way, im grateful, for the ability to have a helmet, korean or Vietnam. Thank you guys for the help!
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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    FYI if you want to look up a US soldier WW2 you can do it here
    NARA - AAD - List of Series - Wars/ International Relations: World War II
    terrific info., thanks ! found data for a cousin of mine, ww2, us army.

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