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Article about: Here are some reference Web sites & Books that will help in your collecting of the US M-1 helmet. if anyone else has any to add please do so thanks. Home of the M-1 Helmet Top Pots - U.S

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    Default Re: M-1 Steel Pot

    After reading over some of the 'material', thanks for providing the links NickD, I still find it difficult to authentisize the M-1 for a certain period. The chin straps seem to be the best bet. But over the year the original may have been replaced. This leaves you with only 2 choices for you M-1 Pot. Based on texture and color, again the color can be changed, but not the texture.All the M-1's I wore from 1967 to 1970 were smooth and dark green. I think the chin straps were of the 'quick release' type.
    I once saw a picture from Iwo Jima, it was of a pile of helmut lines, so sometimes during or after wars they can become interchanged. I was issued them separately. And during company classes in basic, we laid the liners on the ground. They were all different colors and finishes. So, really to identify one specific could be hard to say the least. 3 things separated the M-1 steel pot, color, texture and where the 'seam' was located and that only took you up to the end of WWII.

    But hey, what do I know, for me a steel pot was a steel pot, good for most everything but protecting your skull.

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    I dont want to spam; but I also have some free information about helmets at;

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