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Rough guide to the US M-1 liner & makers

Article about: Great guide. Very helpful, Nick ! Screaming Eagle - all the manufacturers stamped the liners on the inside, at the center of the crown........

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    these numbers are just the number of which mold it was made in so if there were any problems with that number batch they could trace it back the which mold it was made in & sort it.

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    great bit of info nick i have a ww2 capac liner with my front seam m1 the liner has a frontal hole ,what kind of insignia would of been mounted on this and when would the occasion rise to wear it without the lid i would love to see a pic ,also the frontal hole has a raised ring almost as if its rivited so if dealers are modifiying post war liners drilling frontal holes this might be something to look for as a fake, thanks james

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    As to the fasteners M1's use the following.

    Segma ( The small press stud, snap) on the nape tape

    Baby (Durable) DOT (M1'C M2) Used to attach special Airborne Type II Class Webbing Chinstraps to the Liner.

    These should both be Mark UNITED CARR, or just CARR and not DOT. As all DOT products were original designs of the fastener manufacturer United Carr, this was then latter became RAU fasteners and finally part of the Scovil brand in the late 1990ís who now sell all the old Carr fasteners under the DOT brand name.

    Helmet Eyelet.

    Front Eyelet size is 5/32 and is a standard rimmon type, these are readily available and yes they can be replaced or a hole drilled and one fitted. Iíve actually already done this on a liner were the eyelet was damage, so fitting one to a liner post production is not a problem so again beware this feature could be faked.

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Very interesting thread.why no discussion on the Hawley linner.

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    Thank you for this information! I thought my liner wasn't from ww2 and it is as it has the "W" inside the liner.

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