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Sad To See M1

Article about: These two items have just appeared on eBay, from the same seller. He has obviously split the set to earn a few extra dollars. One is listed directly above the other. Liner is an Inland, not

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    I understand that many sellers do this. I work in the retail industry myself, and know every trick in the book to increase sales. Pushing my staff to "suggest additional merchandise" to customers and sell things up is an everyday occurence

    What upset me is the bandwagon effect of the post, where everyone else jumps in to criticise the 'offender'. It doesn't make us look very good on this forum. Splitting groups up to increase profit as a topic is fine for discussion, but in this case all we are doing is indulging in petty put-downs.


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    Good point, Rob. Looking at my first post "He has obviously split the set" should read "He has probably split the set," however on my second post I do say: "That is assuming of course that the items in question are an original set of course, but judging by the condition of both, they do seem to be."
    The purpose of this thread was to discuss a widespread practice that I personally find objectionable, to attack the practice and not the individual.

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    Hi Andy, thanks for your further clarification. Robís point is nonetheless worthy of acknowledging as it pertains to the importance of maintaining a respectful attitude in conducting our discussions. Glad to see the air is cleared and things are back on track. Thanks to you both.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

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