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Snow camo m1

Article about: Hi folks, Hope your all doing well over there. I recently bought this interesting piece of kit. Just want to hear some opinions about the helmet. It's a front seam with fixed bales. Notice t

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    Yes I understand.. totally. The people who had it in their gands so far were all positive on thd hrlmet. Even though they were quite sceptical on the pictures because the simpel fact that US ww2 camo helmets are even more rare then the german ones. But yeah it’s a very nice intersting helmet I would love to hear opinions on this forum because I think this is one of the best forums out there

    Thanks for taking the time appeiciate it have a good one.


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    Bumbleshoes, the helmet as I said before I believe is a real camo helmet. The paint has the right patina and wear. The was concerned also about the wear on the top of the helmet but there is legitimate wear. I do not understand the lid being used for a fire pot, a wash pot or a pot for cooking, I have seen that. Not sure of the purpose of a fire on the inside on the lid, maybe post war. I am not sure if the camo is post ww2 or ww2, the chinstrap missing the buckle is hard to tell, saying that the chinstrap looks to be khaki and not the latter OD green so that would put it in the ww2 era.
    There is more mystery than answer for me or by me. I wish I could help more. The fire or burn in the helmet does bug me.
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    If the lid was used for a fire pot there would not have been any paint left on the exterior. Even a small fire would have stripped all of the paint. There may be other explanations for the burned chin strap but a fire in the pot is not one of them. The pot is original but the story I do not buy. One easy, but not conclusive test, is to test for the presence of lead paint. Non destructive at least. Looks like a white wash over a good lid.

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    John that was the thorn in my side concerning that very issue
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Thanks for the replys as far as the story.. im not sure if there was a fire inside the lid the guy that sold the helmet to me is a friend and bought it fairly cheap. For the lid.. not the story because he doesn’t know the history about the helmet. Just looks like there has been a fire because the straps etc etc.

    I will go to a specilized paint show and keep you guys posted about the outcome.


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    Sure looks like a fire was inside the helmet. How could you do that but not fry and discolour the exterior paint? Perhaps the shell was sitting in snow and used like a brazier.

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    Yes could be definately.. hiwever I don’t see a point in having a ww2 us helmet and faking a vaque camo paint on it to sell it .. with burned chinstraps.. and pieces of wood and chalkish material in the paint lol. In the 60’s or 70’s.. whats the point faking a cheap shell in a time were you could buy a genuine german helmet for a few quit. So thats why I almost certainly know this helmet to be 100% authentic. Like tankdestroyer said.. he would like/need to handle the helmet to examine it.. this helmet almost require being handled because the pictures don’t really capture the true look of the shell.

    Btw the paint flicked of on different spot all over the helmet.


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    I can't comment anything else - but I have a few winter camo items - and they also have similar off-white/yellowish almost pink discoloration, so I think the camo paint is good.

    M40 helmet:
    Snow camo m1Snow camo m1Snow camo m1Snow camo m1Snow camo m1

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    Nice lid! Thanks for the reply enjoy your helmet

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