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St. Clair M1 Set

Article about: andy thats a really nice helmet you have there ! the blood thing is a bit strange but still cool !

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    Hi Andy always willing to learn.
    I personally am not sure if they were all medics in the pictures or just marks for all navy shore parties wither they be medics or whatever. Someone does say that shore parties had yellow circles. Again how can we ever prove it one way or another. It just may be me thinking alot of c**p as usual.
    Here is a link to a thread on these which leads to another two links. WW2 US Pacific Theater Medical Officers Fixed Bale M1 Helmet - FS Helmets & Accessories - U.S. Militaria Forum
    If you find out anything else please let me know.

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    I don't think there is a real consensus on this Rod, I've been looking at these things, because I would like to own one sometime. However, bugme has one with a fibre liner that is medic ID'd that he posted on this forum, (link on previous post) and there is another post where he talks about it here:


    Quote from bugme:

    Contrary to popular belief, the Navy Corpsman in the PTO were not the only ones who realized early in the Pacific that a Geneva Cross was a target. The army also did much the same thing, putting the white ball on the back of the helmet. This would account for the Army Technician grade on the front of the helmet.

    I said all that to answer your question, my helmet belonged to: Pacific Theater of Operations Army Medic, T5 Robert Leiby, 7th Division HQ, 1st Battalion, 159th Regiment. He started his war time record in the Aleutians and continued through the PTO. The provenance is rock solid. With that I present to you a picture of the front of his helmet.

    End Quote

    So I'm leaning toward Medic, either Army or Marine.

    Also, the helmet with the peculiar paint run from the circle (or a copy of it) has been doing the rounds on ebay, it's not listed on there at the moment though. The seller was asking a lot of dollar, and I don't think it has sold yet.

    Best Regards,

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