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Are these WW 2 Airborne helmets?

Article about: Hello everyone, I came across these helmets and was wondering if you all could lend me some knowledge. The darker shell is a Schlueter and the other only has a number stamped in the front. b

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    With that picture it just looks like a piece of the overlapping duck cloth not an impregnated label. If you follow the line up to the right you can see its large square piece.

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    Not sure what you guys are looking at and why everyone is so down on these liners.
    The liners look to be a WWII era Westinghouse airborne liners.
    The shells are WWII era swivel loop helmets.
    Not 100% sure from the photos but they sure are promising.
    I guess I am a half full vs half empty guy.
    Good luck, I hope they are the real deal for you.

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    I wasn't being down,its just extremely difficult to believe in today's market someone could sell these at such a silly price,when we all know how much a dealer would ask,remember the saying when something is too good to be true it normally is,think Ian your right so yeh there all good,nothing really to add,maybe its just my way of approaching life.

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    I understand Jakes approach on here as there are so many fakes knocking around and sometimes it's better to be a sceptic as you are less likely to end up with costly mistake. I honestly think this is a great find and it does happen as I have picked up pieces for a fraction of what they should be worth. To find 2 WW2 airborne liners at that price is incredible and it does warrant the speculation they have received. As I said before at that price I would have snapped them up

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    I blame the Band of Brothers lol. that mini series captured the minds of millions of people and with so much old stock knocking around money is there to be made fooling many people, i trust Jake he knows his onions and ask him for advice before i buy anything M1 related now.
    Last edited by greatwhite; 08-21-2016 at 12:35 PM.

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    Thanks Steve,but there are plenty better folk out there!just maybe not here on this forum,i only try to help,and being only human can sometimes get it wrong...

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    I understand why you guys were skeptical.
    Sometimes people sell these items and they just dont know what they have.
    I picked up two Inland AB liners from the same picker.
    Not the same day, but over the same summer.
    I paid less than $300 for both of them.
    Sometimes you just get lucky.

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    Well Anton ,think u hit big time with Inland A/B Liners,they sell close to $2000 each so yes i would b smiling too.wished i lived your side of the pond sometimes,you guys seem to have more chances than us Brits at this.

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    I was very lucky.
    I ended up selling and/or trading both for other items in my collection.
    Westy AB liners arent worth near as much.
    If you check the ebay SOLD listings you see them go for $350-$400 with no helmet.
    US Westinghouse M 1 Jump Helmet Airborne Liner USA Paratrooper Para WWII WW2 | eBay

    M2 M1 C Westinghouse Paratrooper Helmet Liner Airborne US Army | eBay

    I actually saw one with a rear seam AB Pot go for $450.
    Great WW 2 US Paratrooper M 1c Airborne Helmet and Westinghouse Liner Period | eBay
    It was from Reading PA close to me : )

    They are really not all that rare.

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