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u.s army helmet ww2

Article about: looks like another ww2 helmet pot that was reissued until paired with that liner. many of the helmets i get at the surplus store were ww2 pots fitted with vietnam liners

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    Default u.s army helmet ww2

    u.s army helmet ww2u.s army helmet ww2

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    Peter, everything about this helmet is from the 70's/80's.

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    Your post is lacking in information/a question. hard to really see anything from the photos provided.

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    Looks like the last version of the M1 produced as said by OB during the 70's/80's. You can tell by the circular rivets it has the removable liner webbing and cupped chinstrap both used on post Vietnam M1's until the M1 was phased out in the 80's by the PASGT. Cheers! Sean.

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    Shell looks to be of ww2 vintage,note the patches of remaining olive drab+cork,also rim is stainless steel...........Jake.

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    I could be wrong but if it were a WW2 era M1 that liner would not fit the shell as I am pretty sure the later M1's were produced either slightly larger or with a slight difference to the profile which makes them hard to fit into WW2 era M1's

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    the net looks east german. liner looks unused. can not see if the shell is front or rear seamed.

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    Good point Sean never had that train of thought before,but can assure you it makes hardly if any differance at all to liners,many front seamed shells found there work load through 3 even 4 decades,many Vietnam helmets were ww2 vintage with the then modern p64 liner,personally I have never had an issue with regards to the inner fittings,even thou the later shells had shallower profiles that has never effected the seating of the liner...........Jake.

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    The liner and chin straps are not WWII.
    It is possible that the shell is from WWII but you would have to show pics of the bales/bails/Loops and the heat lot number.
    If it is WWII it looks repainted.

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    I agree with Jake on the pot.
    The rim does look stainless-steel to me, and there appears to be the remnants of corking left behind in the texture. The addition of the netting being non-US leads me to believe the entire helmet was put together willy-nilly. In no way GI issue.
    Just my opinion. It would be hard to make that conclusive without better pictures.

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