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US Airborne Helmet

Article about: Hey Guys, a collector wants to sell me this helmet. Iīm really sorry, I donīt have any other pictures and I know it is nearly impossible to tell something about the helmet with those picture

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    Did you visit it?

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    Many times ,I use to live at the American cemetery in Meuse Argonne about a 1hour and 20 minutes away .

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    and if only the chinstrap and chin cup are fake ones? The helmet, paint, liner?

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    If this Medic M1C was completely original and came with provanance and the individuals details I.E Rank-unit-army number etc,then you may well pay as much as $5,000 or even higher depending on the interest it would fetch as these dont surface hardly at all,so bear this price in mind when looking or being offered lids for silly money............

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    Wear on the crosses and unit mark doesn't match rest of the helmet from what I see. Artificially worn.

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    When I first started collecting I thought that painted helmets were no big deal. You see them everywhere. I went to a show and almost fainted when a dealer wanted $1,000 for a legit colonel's helmet with insignia. Painted helmets were even more. The sticker shock with helmets must be overcome gradually as you begin to realize that the real ones cost a LOT. Anytime you see a helmet like this, priced at 350 euros and with terrible photos, just assume that it's fake. Perhaps a real expert can find the diamond in the rough, but for the rest of us it's best not to take a chance. In the meantime, buy from a reputable dealer until you become an expert - the only exception being when something is so inexpensive that it doesn't matter.

    By the way, MSA (the liner manufacturer) didn't make airborne liners.

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