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US M1 Helmet - Genuine or not?

Article about: Nick, I will take some better pics of both bails

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    Default Re: US M1 Helmet - Genuine or not?

    Quote by wootars View Post
    Thanks battle gear, Im just glad its almost all original period. When you say reused, did they reissue the M1's or the original owner replaced the headband?
    I dont think it was replaced by the original owner, probably by the next guy they reissued it to several years later

    helmets are a piece of equipment and get turned in after the soldier leaves his unit, could have been reissued to several different soldiers in it's life time

    they only replaced the headband if needed, sometimes helmets used later during Vietnam still had the original WWII headbands.

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    just scored my first front seam & it's a mcord with liner, but no sweat band, but I don't mind to put in a later one, you can find the khaki ones, but they are rare, most of them are just worn out, besides, there is a small army/navy store near me, a sweat band, nos is 5.00 usd, if it's all I can find I can live with it, , just glad to find a mcord with the liner & supension webbing.

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    now see to me personally i would not do that if its a WW2 liner with no head band i would either leave as is or try to replace it with a WW2 era version which aren't that hard or expensive to find. im in the process of completing some liners i have & so far i have one more nape strap to get & next will be liner head bands the most difficult & some times expensive part to find is the leather chin strap its very hard to get these in any condition & never cheap either !!

    wootars you have a great original WW2 fixed bail helmet & is entirely up to you as to whether you go down the road of changing out the liner head band or not after all is part of this helmets history

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