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US M1 liner from 1945 with korean war parts?!

Article about: Hello I found this liner on the german ebay kleinanzeigen and I am not shure about it It is made from Seaman paper co. and made 1945 says the sweatband It seems all good exept for the olive

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    I think the original colour is under this black colour
    Poor a opinion

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    I can't see on the pics if there might be original paint underneath, but you can try some rubbing alcohol or aceton on a cotton bud and see if the black paint comes off without damaging any paint under that.

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    Seems to be a lot of work as it will sit within the lid, i would leave it and put the effort into the interior.

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    I am expierenced when it comes to removing color from shells, liners and other
    I first take my sand paper to show how thick is the colour and than I deside if I grind the colour away or I use colour remover
    Both methodes I used on German Shells and other helmets
    Both variants are many work ,but have to use for a good result

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    Is there no stamp on the sweat band? It looks like to be out of the 60īth ?

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    There is a DSA number

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    "There is a DSA number"
    Vietnam 60's sweatband.

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