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US made helmet?

Article about: Sorry to encroach on the M1 forum but I guessed you guys would know what this helmet is. American? Post war? Use? Thanks.

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    You going to grab it tinlid? Looks like a cool piece to add to the collection

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    I also noticed this one on the bay, an interesting lid. The price is sensible but the postage to the UK is a killer and it would be liable to import duty and handling fees for the post office so in the end it would be very expensive.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    A friend asked me about it, he thought it might be a Brit made helmet, I was pretty sure it wasn't. So the only place to find out for sure was here, so thanks again.
    & yes your right Jerry, when buying from abroad, postage/import duties have to be taken into consideration.

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    I threw a best offer of $30 on it just to see what the seller would take and he counteroffer $40+$12.10 shipping so I didn't take it just wanted tinlid to know

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