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USMC M1 helmet cover

Article about: Hi guys picked up this helmet cover a few weeks ago just posting up for show. This one is not WW2 and was manufactured by Blue Anchor Overall Company in April 1953 as existing WW2 stocks had

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    Just had a good read of those links and yes it looks like there was another run on the frog skin covers after 1953. Thank you yeungling for this information I now have another item on my list to collect

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    Quote by yuengling325 View Post
    Technically, that's not true.

    There is a frogskin cover that bears the same style, stamped contract #, as those found on 1960's Mitchell covers.

    Several have turned up over the years. Unsure as to their origins, but they are out there.

    More reading/photos at the links below:

    Interesting Frog Skin Cover on Ebay - STEEL AND KEVLAR HELMETS - U.S. Militaria Forum

    USMC "Frogskin" Cover with 1964 "Leaf" Contract Marking - STEEL AND KEVLAR HELMETS - U.S. Militaria Forum
    Well there you go,learn something new everyday,as there's only ever officially been one postwar M1 helmet book,and thats what i've always gone on,but a few covers alone would be difficult to open a full discussion at best,without official contracted paperwork,but seeing is believing and they certainly look authentic,would be nice if someone could dig a little deeper and find out more info,thanks for the update.

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    Remember Mark Reynosa was only human and maybe he knew about these covers but couldn't find the relavant government contracts to support this,many writers only deal with facts in front of them not fantasy etc.this is exactly the reason why Korean period Airborne Liners didn't even get a mention in the book,i asked him once why that was and the reply i recieved was,i could never find a single shred of evidence to prove these Liners were done from factory spec or field altered,he knew they were real but Mark's book was based on official production of the M1 Helmet and it's componants.....and there's the Parrish made shell,which no book's hardly mention but examples do exist.....certainly an ongoing learning curve.

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    could have been made to order by private purchase. but interesting.
    Redstalker the list never ends.......haha

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    Well yes mark you maybe correct,also lets mention the "Dennison net" were they government contracted?or someone cutting up sections of net and adding little white labels (postwar),if the proofs out there its certainly elusive.also to mention that ww2 nets were not used postwar however period images don't lie and i've personally seen nets over USMC frog covers in images taken during the 1950's.but again no proof,the biggest mistake within the collecting community is speculation and rumours,one item starts an entire debate followed by a myth to follow for decades,my heads starting to hurt,if these covers were government contracted then mass production would have ensued and Mark R would have included such items in his book'but he didn't!............

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    It all makes the collecting bug bite harder. I've just purchased another M1 helmet cover which I have I never seen before and there is no mention of in any of the books I have. The seller I have bought off him before and I trust him and the cover looks very genuine from the pics. Will post up when arrives

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    Please do Ian,will no doubt be another interesting thread,forgot to mention the OD covers usually seen unused however these were issued to advisors,early part of Nam,but again not mentioned,they must of been made large scale for so many to be on the market today.
    1-Dennison net.
    2-parrish shell production.during ww2.
    3OD covers.olive drab.
    4-postwar made frogskin covers.
    5-Korean war Airborne Liners.
    6-ww2 capac conversion Airborne Liners done by Westinghouse.
    7-1962 trial nylon combat Liners by Westinghouse and General Tyres.
    8-Pat Ric Infantry/Airborne Liners,one contract 1964.
    The above 8 questions have never been truely answered but common belief state there all real but a serious shortage of proof and examples.guess we better keep looking,maybe there are surviving examples in museums someplace who knows!.................

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    Hi Jake have been looking at Cold War footage of US troops in Germany and had to take a couple of screen shots of some unusual helmet covers. Just proves because it's not in the book doesn't mean it doesn't exist
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture USMC M1 helmet cover   USMC M1 helmet cover  

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    There you go early to mid 1960's with M17 gas mask made from 1959/1960 and OD cover,cheers Ian,like we say the camera usually doesn't lie.

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