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Vietnam Era helmet?

Article about: yet if you look at the link in my post #14 you'll see a few original graffiti covers with the peace sign used.

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    The helmet shell is a airborne one look at the straps. Im pretty sure the airborne troops didnt have different kinds of covers either so I think its original but on the graffiti im not sure. - Nick K

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    Okay so what it seems to me is that it is an airborne liner, and helmet, with an tampered with mitchell cover. It seems that the entire clean side of the cover has darker writing. Could it have been stored this way or is it like Steve said, absolute bogus. Because ut seems odd that the half has more vivid colour and less wear. Pity someone messed it up, could have been nice. That being said, what would a fair price for this be? because it is still a nice airborne helmet I think.


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    More pictures I just got:

    Vietnam Era helmet?Vietnam Era helmet?Vietnam Era helmet?Vietnam Era helmet?

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    ok heres my thoughts its all good not sure as to why the cover looks half shiny & the other half looks normal ? as for the graffiti i think its original but someone has gone back over the most faded parts post war to re-highlight it maybe the vet himself maybe a previous collector cant be sure unless you can ask the owner to see what he says but what ever the reason it was done it has decreased the value !

    have a look here Original Vietnam Graffiti Helmets - U.S. Militaria Forum
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    the mismatched color and fresh art work on one side and the soiled older looking side doesnt make sense?

    why would one side look so different than the other?

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    Thanks Nick D and Battle gear. the cover is puzzling me. I assume part of its original. What do normal airborne lids go for, without the cover? If i did end up purchasing it, I might not display it with the cover.

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    ive sent a message to a friend of mine about this lid to see what he says i still believe the cover is good & shouldn't be removed !

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    well here's the reply i got i think in this case it'll be best to stay away !

    How weird. I saw this helmet today while doing a Google search. It looks like someone added the graffiti one the one side (or perhaps retraced?), and the other side looks okay. That guys comment on the airborne helmet with infantry liner doesn't mean anything. Vietnam was a huge mess of parts, tons of photos of Marines with AB liners. The cover does look like what you want to see with a "Non put together" helmet. For the price asking I would probably pass on it, I'm leaning more towards someone ruining a very nice original helmet set.

    Also tell these guys to NEVER remove the cover off of Vietnam helmets if they are any signs of them not being messed with from the era.

    Also tell them, that original Graffiti helmets are out there. He said $125 was high... myself and many collectors I know, would buy a Vietnam helmet set with graffiti (Or even without graffiti) that is original in the $300 range. I wouldn't let any of mine go for $125 or less!

    Also yes it's an airborne helmet but AB helmets in Vietnam were used by everyone, not just members of the airborne.

    If the graffiti on the right hand side wasn't there, both sides of the cover would be in the same used condition.

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    Thanks NickD, you and you're friend are both gentlemen. Please give him my thanks for the advice and information! Ill stay clear of this one.

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    Airborne liner with infantry helmet?
    The darker graffity is new to the camo cover. Definitely post war. No in the field rain and son aging. Some of the writing looks good.
    Someone screwed up a good mitchel cover.
    Anybody caught with a piece sign on their helmet would have been in deep $hit.
    Steve, ya got that right about the peace sign. Your superiors would have you cleaning the latreen for at least a month. It was definately something you didn't want to wear in any way, shape or form.

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