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Vietnam Era helmet?

Article about: yet if you look at the link in my post #14 you'll see a few original graffiti covers with the peace sign used.

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    yet if you look at the link in my post #14 you'll see a few original graffiti covers with the peace sign used.

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    I am not insulting other branches of the armed forces, but the Naval units I served in would have had you up before a captains mast to explain that type of personal graffity on US Naval property. The helmet you wore is property of Uncle Sam, not the individual. Having said that you should understand that any graffity on combat gear had better be something to the effect that would be considered an insult to Charlie and/or Ho Chi Min. In 1968 you would have walked away from a Captains mast with you butt hanging out of your fatigues and teeth marks in your rump for such anti US propaganda. That is what the peace sign was then to me and I still see it that way today.
    Just a personal observation.

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    I am not an expert but an original Airborne helmet for $125 seems like a good deal to me. You can always find another cover without the graffiti. I owned a nice Vietnam era helmet but sadly i sold it.



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    if i bought this lid i would not take the cover off it may have been post war messed with but you don't know when, why or who by & it still has allot of original graffiti & usage meaning that even in this condition its worthy of being left alone instead of being messed with any further.

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    What is the red stuff on the cover? Please dont tell me it is what I think it is

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    if you're thinking blood then no its not as blood doesn't stay red its more then likely paint.

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    I'm surprised at the comments about the peace sign graffiti. I have seen several contemporary photos of soldiers with peace signs. one even had coloured beads on his helmet. Others of soldiers with peace pins and even a 'Vietnan veterans against the war' pin. I think they were more common towards the end when discipline began to break down in some units. There were also helmet covers with marijuana leaves painted on and other drug type references.

    Having said that it's a bit a cliche. The commonest available stock photo of a US helmet has a peace pin on it.

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    The media was not interested in interviewing and photographing men that had pride in their units and their own personal service only the malcontents. The men I knew and served with and the units we belonged to served faithfully till the pullout in 73. Yea there were a few gutless souls out their but not as many as you have been led to believe.
    As always, know it alls that were not there are quick to comment on what they have seen in photos or what they have in their collection. 95% of the helmets were turned in. If someone brought a helmet back he stole it.
    The truth be known I would have butt stroked and/or beat the dog$hit out of any punk that I saw with the circle ckicken foot symbol on any of their equipment. So would have the men that I served with.

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    Although the peace sign was used through out the war it was not accepted by high command especially from the early to mid years. It was considered a sign of weakness of an individual and did not fair well for the fighting moral of a combat unit. They wanted soldiers to have a fighting attitude and be mean.

    Yes, you see the peace sign in alot of photo's that were usually printed in magazines or on news reels. This was a very controversial war for the U.S. to be engaged in. Alot of U.S. citizens were clearly against it and as usual the media and photographers loved to show that even the combat individuals were against it.

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    Airborne liner with infantry helmet?
    The darker graffity is new to the camo cover. Definitely post war. No in the field rain and son aging. Some of the writing looks good.
    Someone screwed up a good mitchel cover.
    Anybody caught with a piece sign on their helmet would have been in deep $hit.
    Just another(not M1 though) that got up the shit with a peace sign

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