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Vietnam Era helmet?

Article about: yet if you look at the link in my post #14 you'll see a few original graffiti covers with the peace sign used.

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    As always, know it alls that were not there are quick to comment on what they have seen in photos or what they have in their collection.
    I'm sorry but isn't that a bit uneccessary? I'm no 'know it all'. The fact is the pictures and covers do exist and are part of the story. But not the whole story. Clearly you are right, they were the exception which is why I would be suspicious of covers with peace signs on them.

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    Just another(not M1 though) that got up the shit with a peace sign
    One helmet out of tens of thousands is not indicative of the aircrewmen that served. You show me a squadron of choppers with the chicken sign on the birds and the aircrewmens helmets. You can't.
    There is no way to prove the decal on the helmet in this post was worn during service and not added at a later date.
    As I posted earlier "Know it all's" and "collectors" that have pieces not representing the overwhelming majority of service men parade them them around to prove a point that is pure bull$hit. That particular symbol was then and is now an insult to the men and women that proudly served and then returned to civilian life.
    We, as a collective group, suffered the slings and arrows of an ungrateful and ignorant society led by the media and entertainment industries that used our service to serve their own ends for years after the military was pulled out of Vietnam in 73. There were approximatly 5000 military personell left in adviser positions from 73 to 75.
    During the 1965 to 73 time period we did not lose any major battles. During the Tet offensive we destroyed the combatt effectiveness of ALL major VC units from the Battalion level up. That means "WE KILLED THEM" approximately 60,000 communists combatants. After the Tet all major combat operations by the communists were conducted by North Vietnamese military units.
    I am not chiding reneblacky in this post. I am using this post to vent an often misconception about US Vietnam era service folks.
    I am the Past Commander of American Legion post 25, A member of The Vietnam Veterans of America and The Veterans of Foreign Wars.
    For years we have put up with misconceptions of our brothers and sisters that served honorably during the Vietnam war. The chicken symbol has been an in your face insult to the majority of us for several decades. Most of my brothers in arms won't make a big deal out of it. As the majority of my fellow forum members know I am not "most".
    I decided in 1985 that I was tired of not bothering to start a fuss about the major misconceptions about the war brought about by the media and entertainment industries. So did a lot of us that had served. The Vietnam Veterans Of America was formed to assist our brothers and sisters and to be able to gather in groups where we were not ostricised for being veterans and putting to rest a lot of the crap about us. Battle the VA for agent orange exposure medical aid, etc..
    I will also get in anybodies face that tries to further the misconceptions from that war on the net or in person, as the case may be. I am one of the crazy ones made that way by an ungrateful nation of cowards, fools and uneducated morons.
    Steve Ray
    PS If any here are one of those that used the chicken symbol on their helmets please rot in hell.

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