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Vietnam helmet

Article about: What are your opinions about the helmet? Combat used? Here are the informations about the soldier: He started his career in the Navy seeing some service time at the end of the war. He earned

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    Quote by Patches View Post
    ok, well let me know and i can find the date th pot was made
    That would be great thanks!

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    Luxembourg the helmet is the same type and cover you see in the old "Gomer Pyle USMC"sitcom out of the mid 60's so those were definetly used into Vietnam probably early in the war. Nice helmet you would be surprised about M1 and their liners I once worked in the "Helmet Shop" at Ft Leonard MO circa 73 or so we would recondition salvageable M-1 helmets, Liners, and even chinstraps using the stockade of the 208th MP company I was a part of with inmate labor. I can remember pitching the Hawley liners or (Pressed cardboard ones) of maybe other names into the dumpster as they were not worth ripping the suspension out of and rebuilding them. We reconditioned a lot of WW2 Firestone, Westinghouse Capac I remember removing the rotted WW2 Kakhi webbing and replacing it with OD material of VN era chinstraps same way there were a lot of the fixed bail helmets we put the swivel bail on to bring them up to modern standard. I remember one time not knowing at the time but one of the M-2 D ring bales being found it too was also converted but back then no body was looking at collector aspect. Nice to collect them as somebody needs to preserve them or any other helmets for that matter. timothy

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    wow, i think i remember you syaing this on a different thread but i cant believe that you got a D bale.

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    Got the helmet today!

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    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Vietnam helmet  

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    Nice display, im jealous of the helmet!

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    Looks great luxey,the medals had a nice touch,well done on your part,thanks for showing..........

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    Thanks guys! :-)

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