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What era/year/type of m1 helmet?

Article about: I would go there to buy a liner chinstrap... but the minimum order is 20 dollars! I'm not spending 10 extra dollars on something that I don't need in order to get a liner chinstrap... which

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    I've read through all this thread and can't find mention anywhere of the standard stainless steel rim,if your shell has no stainless steel rim then it is more than likely post WW2,early WW2 was only stainless steel,front seam,fixed then swivel bails with some crossovers due to failures etc and late war rear seam,swivel bail but as far as I'm aware all WW2 shells had a stainless rim edging,these of course ran out into the korean war with sometimes period liners but sometimes WW2 liners as has been covered here already.I cannot see any stainless scratches or what have you on your shell rim but do notice some rusty scratches on the rim making this a post war shell.I have 4 different WW2 shells and liners with both front and rear rim seams and all have a SS rim

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    Default Same type m1 shell and similar heat stamp

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    most of the helmets used in the Korean war are WWII era helmets, you can tell by the photos of soldiers in Korea, the helmets always have the older style sewn on type chin straps. I have never seen a Korean war photo with the metal clamp on type chin straps, even though they may have been used.
    Hi i know this is an older thread.nice helmet first off! Im trying to figure date put on mine.i have an airbourne nam has a stamp I204f. Similar to this shell posted.mine is also back seam.p stamped hardware.liner is mv1 marmac.what year is mine for the heat stamp ? Any answers much appreciated!!!!

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