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WWII U.S. Coast Guard M1 for Review!

Article about: A colleague and friend of mine found this salty M1 at a local flea market and picked it for me at a great price (much lower than the sticker price)! It appears to be a mid-war front seam, sw

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    I think you got a nice M1 at a good price, especially if it was cheaper than marked. The USCG does look old, and not a tampered with. Its to bad there isn't a name to go along with it for study. Who knows it could have been a Vietnam Brown Water Navy helmet. You'll just have to make a cool story up for it in your head... Something like the guys landing craft floundered in the channel and he had to swim ashore and fight along with the infantry. He scraped the white off to blend in to the hedgerows... Yea, that's what happened.

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    Great looking Lid Joe,I personally prefer them like this,totally original and salty,also it has the rarer Hardware Buckle that im missing from my collection,overall a fantastic find,well done Bud..........

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    Thanks, Jake and Nathan!

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