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WWII US Netted M1

Article about: Hey guys, I am looking at this M1 and I wanted to get some opinions on it before I decide anything. The price being asked is \\$475, which I think is a little high. I know next to nothing abou

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    Just a quick question because I am never 100% sure.
    But do all fixed bail helmets have raised double bar type brass chinstrap buckles or are they pretty much mixed. Its just that when I look at this one i would think it had later steel buckles and straps attached as replacements am i correct or wrong.
    Always ready to learn
    WWII US Netted M1

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    yes when they come from the factory but this one has had its chin strap replaced probably done in the field so they would have used what ever was available.

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    Thanks Nick so thatís something else to look for when looking for an original untouched fixed bail.
    Cheers Rod

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