Hi again,

I've now got 2 Lightweight Nr 1 trailers.
One has the original dataplate and I can just make out chassis nr OE 11408 and WD nr X5896838 so that agrees with the table in Rob van Meels book on British airborne jeeps. I can also see the contract nr S7130 on the plate.

The other trailer does not have an original dataplate but the Norwegian vehicle registry has it recorded with a chassis nr OE 5319. Could this be from contract nr S2559 or S6833. Both these contracts were produced by Orme Evans Ltd, but Rob's book does not give any chassis number series for these earlier orders. If I can find out this, then I can calculate what the WD X..... number would be.

Look forward to hearing from you A/B experts in the UK.

All the best,

David Hammond