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A few 'funky' lookin Stuarts

Article about: I don't know how many were made or just some sort of prototype. But, a little different.

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    I think also the top image is a belgian tank.
    Because of
    - the belgian military licence plate
    - the belgian scenery
    - the adverb says Boulangerie / Pattiserie which is belgian not french.


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    Thanks for the info. There seem to be so many variants of this tank, that tank etc. it's hard to keep up with them. I guess that's one of the things that make it so interesting. Ron

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    If you want to see the ultimate in Stuart tanks, try the Bernardini X1A2, a Brazilian upgraded rebuild model featuring a high velocity 90mm gun and re engined with a SAAB diesel-this entered service in the late 70s-pretty amazing for a tank that was a late 1930s design of very modest combat capacity even then!

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