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Fort Knox, Kentucky - Patton Museum - "former" Museum

Article about: I wanted to share some photos of the Patton Museum as it "was" before the Government did the Base Realignment here in the States and changed this museum. It was wonderful, having A

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    Great pictures thanks for showing them. timothy

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    Fantastic photos. I hate it when museums are changed. It never seems to be for the better....

    Cheers, Ade.
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    I took my son there over a dozen times since I only live 25 miles away. Well once after the Armor center got hijacked to Georgia and they moved the cream of th emuseum there. Sad thing is there is not the room to manuerver nor live fire for tanks at Benning and they are not loved there in Georgia. Simple politics got the Armor center relocated and with the vast majority of training tankers there with artificial computerized formats I feel the quality of the tankers has suffered.
    Ever since the goobermint built the complex on Fort Knox for mil presonall records they stopped basic training there , removed all combat MOS formations once stationed there. Basically a handfull of active duty pogue types and reservists with a gob political mil types at the HCORE complex. It is a shell of it's former self , but like any post with political types in command you can't imagine the wastefull spending on remodeling barracks ever couple of years that are NEVER used , the moving of flags and monuments by general officers to meet their peccidilos costing the taxpayers gobs in typical gobbermint spend it before you lose it scheme. When they changed the fort Knox papers name from "the turret" to "the gold standard" the officer career class self aggrandisement shown through.

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    I lived in Ft.Knox from 1980-1985 as a Military Dependent, graduated from Ft.Knox High School in '84, joined the Army and completed my Basic & Advanced training at the Armor School there as an M1A1 Abrams Armor Crewman...I used to deliver "TheTurret" on my bicycle and appeared in the paper myself about 4 times while I was there...My mother volunteered at the Patton Museum Gift Shop and I went there very often, once even climbing into the MarkIII they had parked outside...the weld on the hatch had cracked, allowing entry, lol...I was also allowed to peruse their library, which wasn't open to the public and included many donated items that were never on display...I have many friends still living in nearby Radcliff, and the Patton Museum is nowhere near the attraction it used to be...But they can't take away some of the best memories of my life...When I was a high-school kid I used to go through the Patton Museum's Trash Dumpster, looking for catalogs or anything useful...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Great looking Museum. I will get there someday.
    thanks for sharing the photos. and Glen thank for sharing the Memories.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    great tour in the museum, thanks

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    Thanks for putting up the photos i didn't know there was any M2A1 left also good to see the Japaneses tanks type 95 ha-go and the type 94 tankette. Also that marder tank destroyer looks outstanding.

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