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Help with a Willys?

Article about: Thanks for the info and advice guys! Here's what I know about the jeep after geeting a bit more info. From what I understand, the Jeep is a '41 build Willys and was converted to 12 volts. It

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    Default Help with a Willys?

    I have a friend who's father collected cars and vehicles - rented them to the movie industry. He passed away last year and the family is slowly seeling off some of them.

    Among them is a Willys - running and partially restored. They think it is an early '40s but are unsure. It was not formally registered in the US until 1955.

    Can anyone give an approximate age based on these pictures? Is there someplace on the frame where it might be dated?

    Jen told me they will be asking $3500 - it is in California and the buyer will be responsible for shipping.

    Any help, guys?

    Help with a Willys?Help with a Willys?
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    I'm no expert but first glance strongly suggests a wartime Willys MB. I would suggest the price is good regardless and you should snap it up. A UK based Willys MB for restoration, not running will generally set you back in excess of $5,000. Even a post-war French-built Hotchkiss jeep will set you back the same if not more.

    A 1955 registered US date may suggest that the vehicle was in Europe until that time. With British issued vehicles a history card is available which states all units a vehicle served. I'm not sure if it''s the same for US vehicles though.

    There should be a data plate on the dashboard that gives the exact specifications, dates etc. Face value it looks okay but more pics would be good. How many batteries and what voltage?
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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    My dad had one of these in the late 1970's/early 80's and I used to drive it to school, take it hunting etc. Judging from the looks on the photos it's a early to mid 40's MB type (Ford or Willy's they were identical). There should be and ID plate mounted on the outside of the glove box that will give you all the info you should need to ID the jeep with an easy Google search.

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    Thanks for the info so far. I am trying to get some more info on it - it is a Willys. My guess is that the data plate is gone - but maybe it's just painted over. More info to follow. I've also asked for some additional pictures and details.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    As complete as that Jeep looks from the photos, I'm thinking $3500 is a great price too. I know a couple guys that have these and have WAY more than that in to them. If you decide not to buy it, I know someone that might be interested . Where is Cali is it located?

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    I think I can see the ID plates in the first photo, there should be 2 of them actually, black. The plate will ID if it is a Willy's or Ford as well. Can't go by the engine head as they parts were interchangeable and it was not uncommong to find a Willy's head on a Ford Block. Man, I've change a ton of head gaskets on one of those...LOL

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    The jeep is in southern California - can't remember the exact city. I won't be buying it - just helping a friend price it properly and find a buyer. She's not looking to make a killing on it - just find a good home with someone who will care for it.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    Hi Mark, you may find that this site gives you some idea.....Military Jeeps - Willys, Ford and Hotchkiss - MILWEB Classifieds

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?


    Maybe you can give me more details (location, contact etc....) in a message, I might have to go take a look at it. I'm in SoCal as well (Riverside). We are heading out for a weeks vacation come this Friday but when we return, me and the kid might go have a look!

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    Default Re: Help with a Willys?

    I would buy it for that price, however shipping to portugal, and with our crazy registry price, it would make the jeep cost 4x more.
    It would cheaper for me to get one here.
    Any way, that is a great looking jeep.

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