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Was that a pancake filter? That’s the reason mine was so expensive, the F marked pancakes are so bloody rare I realised I just had to do it.

Sorry that was in response to early MB but it hasn’t quoted his post.
Yes, a pancake and fortunately not rusted through at the bottom as some are. $800 for an original and decent pancake is not a bad price, I've seen them go over $1k.

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Im sure i will pick one up somewhere, all parts including the carb horn are needed but not for a while yet.
I'm sure you know about every single part of a jeep is available as reproduction (of various quality), but especially for later MB/GPW's original parts can be found and it's basically a question if you can wait for the correct part for a good price, or are happy to fit a repro part in the meanwhile. Finding out what version of a part you need is fun, and I can recommend Lawrence Nabholtz's book (any of the 2 editions) if you can find it, and John Farley's books for that as a start.