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Mk 6 cromwell restoration

Article about: Awesome thread! Thanks for saving this old warhorse.

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Pete, if you manage to get a sound clip I'd like a copy, please. Pretty please!

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    I will do my best, but nobody has anything professional I can borrow to record sound.
    I will see about hiring something.

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    It would be good to get it down Pete and if you need a donation towards the cost of hiring the equipment I'd be more than happy to chip in mate!

    BTW can I ask a question about the Final Drive Housing Cover, is it hollow on the other side, and if so why?

    Do you, by any chance, have a pic of this area with the sprocket drive off?

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Do you mean the coupling that connect the steering drum to the brake drum? If so, then they are both hollow. We have never had any tracks and sprockets off if you mean behind the sprocket. You may wish to use an existing photo to show me exactly were you mean with an arrow pointing???

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    Hi Peter, thank you fop the prompt reply, it is much appreciated. Yes I mean right behind the sprocket. When you take the sprocket off it gives to access to the final drive housing cover and then into the final drive, which is housed in the final drive housing attached directly to the ISP, (If I remember correctly the inner wall of the Cromwell, on which the running gear is mounted, is referred to (in some manuals) as the 'Inner Side Plate' which I've always abbreviated to ISP. Obviously, the outer wall, which as you know comes off in sections, is the OSP. So. it's that point between the ISP and OSP and just behind the sprocket that I'm most interesed in. I've only ever seen it dismantled once and that was on a Centaur and then the pictures showed only the FD housing and not the FD housing cover or any of the gear wheels. I live in hope that somewhere someone will have pics of this.

    I presume that you're pretty confident on the Final Drive system if you haven't dismantled it. It's most likely a horrible wee job to do (although I've never done it myself so don't really know) so you're probably fortunate to not have to take it apart! Ah well bonny lad, or C'est la vie as our French friends are inclined to say, if you chaps haven't dismantled your FD then I shall have to wait a wee while long for my 'porn' shots! I think Adrian is going to start on his Cromwell soon so I've got my fingers crossed once again! In the meantime Peter keep those pictures coming mate, we desk jockeys are living vacariously through your deeds and the pictures are a great help and an asset to everyone! I am loving this thread and in a way I shall be sad to see you finishing this project as I really look forward to the updates!

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    I sorted my "Sound" out, I obtained a microphone which slots onto the hotshoe on my camera for video mode, its a snazzy bit of gear like a minature boom. So no probs I am now sorted. A nice cheap convenient way to get good sound recording....I'll send you the sound file when its done.

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Fantastic news Pete!!!! I look forward to hearing the roar of the almost sounds like the title of a movie, "The Roar of the Meteor!"

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    Hope this helps and pic is big enough.

    Mk 6 cromwell restoration

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    that's outstanding mate!!! Thank you. As it happens I received a few pics and drawings from the Library at Bovington this morning, including a pretty good full frontal shot of this area with the sprocket off, and I've now pretty much got what I need on that front! I just need to break out the various components and work up CAD files for each of them!!! And you drawing will come in very handy for that!

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    we ran the engine up for the first time yesterday. here's the link to the youtube video (i'm the guy with the grin from ear to ear)

    Cromwell Tank Meteor Engine run up - YouTube


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