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Mk 6 cromwell restoration

Article about: Awesome thread! Thanks for saving this old warhorse.

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    Rik, What sort of top speed will she move at?

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    Some very nice videos there Rick, I especially like the one with the camera laying in the middle of the road!!!

    Shufti Bint, stupid looking woman (I think this is derived from a derogatory comment about King Farouks wife, now applied to all stupid women
    For what it's worth 'Shufti' means look and Bint, as far as I know, means 'Pretty Girl', or words to that effect. There is a great deal of belief that Bint is somehow derogatory when it isn't. When the wartime comic Jon's "Two Types" refers to girlfriends it's always as bint and without any hint of ill-meaning. Also, there's a blue Mercedes which is always parked down the road from my son's school here in Oxford. The numberplate contains the following, B1nT, which has prompted quite a few people to observe what an unfortunate numberplate for the poor girl to have. However, she is a young Arabic girl and the car was a present from her father, as was the personalised numberplate! Even the most misogynistic of Arabic father's is not going to send his daughter up to Oxford University with that kind of numberplate!

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    the early cromwells were governed to 40 mph but this put too much strain on the wheels and caused the rubber to overheat which resulted in the tyre shedding (early wheels had 3/4" deep holes around the circumference of the tyre to help dissipate heat but proved ineffective and so later wheels used solid rubber). the gear ratio in the final drive was altered and the top speed reduced to 32mph, which still ain't bad for a tank.
    the tank is at old buck airfield in Norfolk for it's final fit out and once it's finished i'll make a short film of the Cromwell in action

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    the Cromwell is finally finished and is now for sale on milweb it's been a hell of a journey and has pretty much bankrupted me but it was worth it.

    here's a few pics of the finest Cromwell on the planet
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mk 6 cromwell restoration   Mk 6 cromwell restoration  

    Mk 6 cromwell restoration   Mk 6 cromwell restoration  

    Mk 6 cromwell restoration  

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