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Mk 6 cromwell restoration

Article about: Awesome thread! Thanks for saving this old warhorse.

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Now, what's next......? Maybe HMS Hermes...!!!!...I honestly thought theses tanks would be a lot simpler to make/design!! being that were at war!!maybe not then!!!..Keep it going!! It would be nice to see at the War in Peace, Cheers Terry.Make sure you put alittle sign up saying as seen on "war relics" will get 100s flocking around!!!.

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    the re build is going well
    BUT has been slowed a little by the usual gremlins
    the right stearing was scewed so Rick and i went at it and stripped down the master cylinder i put it back and ?? nothing ,,i cacked up and missplaced the rat tail
    well i put that right and ?? nothing so back to the drawing board
    ,, the stearing interlock valve was siezed
    delt with that all good now
    ok time to bleed the brakes and test the system ????? oh god ,, brake line ,,pin hole ,,oil every where
    Rick got some fittings and sorted that one ,, re bleed and test ,,,oh god ,again another pin hole
    desicion made NEW pipes right through
    so a hold up there
    still waiting on spedo cables ,
    and becouse all of this hapens on the hull floor we cannot fit any major components untill all this is sorted
    when all the silly but important bits are sorted ,,the rest should start to go very quickly
    fuel tanks ,oil tanks ,engine and fans and radiators will be in
    last thing will be the transmition
    then things will slow down again becouse we have a wireing system that is non excistent
    so the electrics are screwed ,,itl take a bit of time to get that sorted
    Rick is pushing hard to get the old girl running ,, we have to chain him down known and then
    but i think Rick is correct when he says about 1 month ,, as long as all goes well
    Rick and i are having great fun doing this job ,, and im realy enjoying the banter that goes on between us
    and im proud and privaliged to be involved in the referbishment of this old girl
    thanks RICK
    cheers ian

    PS i just love being a tank mechanic
    kid in a sweet shop
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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    i have to say that ian has been an absolute top bloke and really helped tremendously with the build, things hadn't been going as fast as i would have liked but once ian turned up we pretty much blasted through it (which is how i like to do things) infact we did so much that we ran out of things to do so we're waiting for the components ian mentioned before we can progress, the good news is that the next stage is the sexy bit where the large assemblies start to go back in the hull. first the fuel and oil tanks, speedo cables then the engine followed by gearbox and fan drives and after a bit of electrical trickery we should be ready to drive the old girl but don't let the fact that she's old fool you she will be no slouch. she's got a better power to weight ratio than a challenger 2 .

    thanks ian i couldn't have done it without you. cheers mate


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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Hi Eddy,, I can not begin to even fathom the incredible undertaking and expense this project must be! I thought the guys on the Model building forum were artists ,,but this is equally sensational in its own right, and no offense to the model builders as this is a big model for sure! Such attention to detail will pay off in the long run. Im looking forward to a video in its completion. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Hi Eddy, you are truly a courageous guy for taking on such an expensive project.
    I salute you Mate
    Outstanding work.

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    Just to let you see that as much as the smallest problems get in the way, (Believe me I've had some) finally I have the engine in. Next week starts all the plumbing, oil/fuel/water. Clutch needs bleeding, starter motor will go on...still waiting on water hoses from Pirtek. Now I feel its getting somewhere.

    I took these pics Rick.


    Attachment 410125
    Attachment 410126
    Attachment 410128
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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    great stuff ,,sorry im not there to help
    looks like you are doing a great job
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    hi pete
    thanks for letting me know where we're at with the restoration. cheers

    hope things are going well for you and don't forget the 2 can rule

    all the best

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Mk 6 cromwell restoration

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    realy good going Pete ,,wonderfull to see
    cheers from sunny bagdad,,,ian

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