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Mk 6 cromwell restoration

Article about: Awesome thread! Thanks for saving this old warhorse.

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    A really interesting thread and what an interesting job to be restoring tanks etc, i'd love a job like that!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    Amazing! This is all being done from your own pocket? Maybe some corporate sponsorship should be chased now that you're on the home run?

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    looking good pete, i see pirtek have finally come through with the correct hoses ! what's next ? pressure test the rads then fit the gearbox
    i don't want to put any pressure on you but how about a xmas drive round the yard in the old girl, i might even get you a card if you can pull it off



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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    I emphasize I am but a mere greasy mortal helping to assemble this Cromwell. its Ricks project. The hoses were a nightmare, on numerous occasions they sent the wrong ones even after sending them back and telling them what we wanted, and they still got it wrong. Both rads have been pressure tested and are ok. One man is now on with the wiring (electrics are completely out of my league). I'll stick to bolting bits back...I swore I'd never get under another vehicle when I did cars having a crushed vertebrae and here I am under a blinking tank, but I'm like Ian, if its got tracks I love it....


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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    good man pete ! i've got loads of old tanks to keep you from getting bored

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    save some for me ,,it may be some time though cos im on a 3 year contract with an option for another2 years
    the Iraqi tank crews are very good at breaking there tanks ,, but my bank account is healthy again ,and growing rapidly
    i can feal early retirement comming
    just wish it was not so damn hot out here
    Pete ,,enjoy your self mate
    you have a rare opertunity to have fun working on tanks ,,and you are doing a great job,and thanks for keeping us posted on the progress

    cheers from sunny bagdad ian

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    nice one ian, good to hear you've got a bit of job security, that must be a load off your mind, just try not to get fragged before you can pick up that fat pay cheque and don't worry about being in iraq and missing out on the restorations, like i said to pete there's plenty more old tanks at the yard

    all the best


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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    now ive sobered up
    vodka finnished ?? till next weak
    when i finaly retire ,,with lots of YANKEEEEE $ DOLLERS
    i will hopfully drive you MAD for tanks to work on
    cos YOU will be suplying the BEER
    makes a change for a tanky ,,to be crating a REME LOL

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    im very impresed with what Pete is doing
    but dont tell him cas he will get a big head

    go for it Pete
    and you deserve a BIG HEAD
    preforably from a good looking woman LOL
    i am very jealouse of you at the moment
    M1A1 tanks are no where near as much fun as a crommwel
    old school all the way
    Pete im looking foward to meeting you
    when im on leave i will come and find you ,and we can talk TANK over a few beers
    cheers again from sunny bagdad ian

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    Default Re: Mk 6 cromwell restoration

    did i say a few beers ????
    i meant a couple of barrels

    Rick knows im partial to a couple of pints ,,,,, galons

    they used me as the model for FAThER JACK DRINK FECK GIRLS

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