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My Jeep and it's history

Article about: Hi Jay, thanks! The Bridge Too Far quote was very apt! I thought it might be worth showing some more of the documentation I have which I mentioned in the text of my original post. Here is th

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    Soldiers from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (R.E.M.E) attached to the 27th Heavy Anti-aircraft Regiment stationed at Stanley Fort, Victoria Island. The author is the second soldier from the right.

    5 Army Group Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Workshop REME
    77 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (1)
    30 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (1)

    (1) Under the command of 5 Army Group Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft)

    "My father was stationed here from 1954 to 1957 with 30 HAA Regt RA, equipped with 3.7" HAA Guns. The last time I was in Delmenhorst (about 1965), the Barracks had been returned to the Germans and was used by the Luftwaffe as a training centre for the Flak and FlaRak units. I seem to remember pieces of hardware, like a Nike-Hercules, Ju87 etc being place on the grass areas near the fence, and as gate guards."

    Two quotes lifted from the interweb first refering to hong kong,second BAOR Germany

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    Cracking story this Ade. How does it look now, i have one of these on my bucket list really need to find secure storage first.
    "and when he gets to heaven,
    to saint peter he will tell:
    "Just another marine reporting, sir
    I've served my time in hell."

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